Информационен ден

На 23.03.2018 г. /петък/ от 11:00 ч. в сградата на „БИОФАРМ-ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ АД“, намираща се на адрес: гр. Сливен 8800, бул. „Тракия“ № 75 ще се проведе информационен ден относно изпълнението на подписания договор за безвъзмездна финансова помощ BG16RFOP002-3.002-0048-С01/15.12.2017г. между Министерство на икономиката и БИОФАРМ-ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ АД по проект: „Повишаване на енергийната ефективност в БИОФАРМ-ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ ...

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Туберкулинизация - 2015

Уважаеми колеги,
Във връзка с започващата туберкулинизация ДПП 2015 и очакваните указания на БАБХ Биофарм Инженеринг АД предлага за свободна

Туберкулин ППД-говежди с активност 5 000 IU Туберкулин ППД-птичи с активност 5 000 IU на цена 0,50ст. цез ДД

Съгласно изискванията на МБЕ в страни с костатирана туберкулоза ...

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NPPAD 2015

National Programme for Prevention of Animal Diseases (NPPAD) 2015

Biopharm Engineering AD
offers a Contract for Laboratory Testing of blood samples submitted by its customers. You may download the Contract from either from here, or from here:

Biopharm Engineering AD can offer to its customers closed vacuum blood collection systems!
The price of a single set ...

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One of the most advanced laboratories in Bulgaria

BIOPHARM ENGINEERING AD has one of the most advanced laboratories in Bulgaria. In 2014 the company invested BGN 2 million in modern equipment to update and expand the laboratory range of services. The Laboratory Unit at Biopharm Engineering is established and equipped in compliance with the Good Laboratory Practices and the accreditation criteria of BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Construction of a second production line for infusion solutions

Biopharm Engineering AD is the only Bulgarian pharmaceutical company capable of producing infusion solutions in polypropylene bags.

In 2014 the company directed its investment policy towards implementation of new technologies and modern production methods. By making an investment of BGN 6 million the company constructed a new facility for production of infusion solutions in polypropylene bottles and injection ...

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